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Our vision. Our ways of working. Our history.

Corporate culture

Tradition meets innovation.

We believe in the principle that sustainable customer satisfaction can only be achieved through employee satisfaction. As banal and simple as this principle may sound, it is difficult to implement in practice. Time pressure and cost pressure always lead to a focus on short-term project success. As a result, employee satisfaction is pushed into the background.

At BPOut, however, we have learned not to accept this course of events. We focus on the satisfaction of our employees. Because a company is not an abstract entity. We are the sum of all BPOut employees.


The leadership of the BPOut.

Arash Noshari

Cemil Aktog

Ashkan Noshari

Vision & Philosophy

We think outside the box.

The result of our first project experiences was the desire, Revise the entrenched ways of trading and to reshape it. This desire shaped our vision of advanced project management and was the seed for the essence of BPOut: our unique culture. As our company grows, we continue to nurture and develop it. As a result, we improve every day while our mission and tried and tested traditions as the basis for all our actions continue to exist.

Our core values define our actions and ethos from the first steps of idea development and goal setting to the finer points of daily business. They are a frame of reference in all decisions, so when looking for new experts, we look first and foremost for people who understand our way of thinking and act accordingly, valuing and respecting our company as a whole, colleagues, clients and partners.

Our commitment to employees and customers creates Trust and strong, long-term partnerships.
This is the core of any business and the main ingredient for successful project completion.

With the help of our experts from various fields, the portfolio of our fields of activity and project solutions is constantly growing. Thus, we can offer our clients highly developed services and serve different industries without losing the focus on quality and intelligent solutions.


Quality as a product of internal strength.

With us, the quality promise is not just written in the quality manual. With us, quality is lived as part of the corporate culture and is considered the most important factor for progress. Regular audits and refinements of all processes and activities of the entire company are an integral part of the agenda.

Employee satisfaction

Responsibility, qualification and an appealing job are prerequisites for motivation and performance.

Employee satisfaction

Responsibility, qualification and an appealing job are prerequisites for motivation and performance. There are also other factors that form a network of different processes.

Therefore, in addition to customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction is an equally important focus of our QM system. All our activities, processes and the continuous improvement of these ultimately culminate in our comprehensive employee programme, which, among other things, focuses on the ongoing development of our experts.

Thus, our culture and passion ensure the highest employee satisfaction!

Customer satisfaction

We create more than just the fulfilment of expectations and at the same time avoid superfluous ballast.

Customer satisfaction

We create more than just the fulfilment of expectations and at the same time avoid superfluous ballast.

Our quality management system is accordingly: it is not limited to a handful of audits per year, but we maintain constant intensive contact with our customers and experts and are thus always informed about the latest events. This approach enables us to act faster and more efficiently and thus to contribute to improvement on a daily basis.

At BPOut, we achieve above-average results, strive for excellence by upholding our vision and mission statement, while remaining flexible and open-minded.

Our history

A strong partner since 2004.

The corporate history of BPOut is the History of an ambitious vision: Bringing together the best minds, building balanced teams of Engineers, Consultants & Project Managers and using passion and expertise to deliver sustainable project work and optimisation.

Setting the highest standards for ourselves, we have developed into a broadly diversified company within just a few years and haveinternational experience, which we use profitably and in a future-oriented manner for the benefit of our customers.

Beginnings of BPOut
First activities in IT consulting EMEA / APAC
Foundation of an Offshore Development Center in Bangladore / India
Start in the aerospace environment (project & interface management, onsite / offshore coordination of engineering)
Takeover of all business activities by BPOut
Expansion of project management activities; first projects in the field of shipbuilding and heavy industry
Expansion of engineering activities; first projects in Toulouse
Successful diversification of the business areas project management, engineering and IT consulting
Elected by the Federal Employment Agency as one of the 8 global players / medium-sized companies in the aerospace sector. First projects in St. Nazaire.
Expansion of all business areas. Leading partner of an EADS A-Supplier.
Opening of a location in Dubai. BPOut now operates on 3 continents
Merging professional services from BPOut with a diverse portfolio of aviation-certified products from ACM
BPOut takes over project management activities in the context of the merger of two major European wind turbine manufacturers and thus sets foot in the renewable energy sector
Start of business activities in Great Britain
Development of an intelligent tool for monitoring production defects in aviation.
Establishment of a new location in France Toulouse
Establishment of a further location in Nantes St. Nazaire
Project management of a world market leader in logistics
Cross-programme growth and enlargement of office space
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Customer satisfaction


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The success story since 2004.

Expansion in Aircraft construction. Automobile construction. Mechanical & Plant Engineering. Energy. Shipbuilding.

Business Locations

Team Player. Fair Player. Global Player.


The headquarters.
BPOut's headquarters are in Hamburg, for us the most beautiful city in the world. It's not just the management and office team that goes in and out here every day. The majority of our employees manage projects in Finkenwerder for Airbus.


Close to Hamburg, but still in another federal state, our experts for the A330 project are also located in Stade.


Great Britain.
Broughton is one of our more dynamic locations because the team in England is continuously developing. Since 2017, we have housed experts here who support the wing production of all aircraft programmes.


In Bangalore, we maintain strong partnerships in the aircraft manufacturing sector. Whether it is providing engineering services or partnering with local airlines, this location continues to be one of our places of operation.


United Arab Emirates.
Dubai pulsates as a city and so do our projects here. Already in 2013, we were on site to successfully complete a project in the construction of baggage handling systems. In the foreseeable future, we will be part of the mammoth 'new airport' project. This time, too, we are taking care of the baggage conveyor systems - experts are a pleasure to come back to.


Bremen is a constant point of view, where our experts have been integrated on A400M military aircraft projects since 2012. Where they haven't made it in yet, however, is the musical quartet of the Bremen Town Musicians, but that's another story.


In Augsburg, we support our customers in the development and design of structural components for various aircraft programmes. The proximity to our subsidiary in Memmingen also enables us to maintain very close and professional customer contact.


We are looking for reinforcement for our team

Our team consists of people who are not afraid to pursue big goals and thus grow beyond themselves. We offer new ways, a dynamic working environment and more than just an employment relationship.

The structures of our company allow us direct contact between employees, management and the executive board. This way, no topic that is burning on the heart remains undiscussed. But it is not only work-related exchange that is important to us; we also strengthen the cohesion of our team with regular team events.