Project management.

Core competencies & expertise.

Cross-sector experience

Expertise in project control, process optimisation, contract management and more...

BPOut project managers have cross-sector experience and, in addition to their professional skills, are also characterised by their commitment and willingness to perform. This is how they successfully carry out every project entrusted to them. They understand how to use the infrastructure and exploit potential, optimise existing processes and develop new ones according to the project requirements.

Project management

Right at the beginning of a project, our experts shine with thoroughness: because preparation and strategic planning are an essential basis for successful project completion.

The activities in execution preparation and project monitoring include the following: the definition of measures and their tracking, financial controlling, tender preparation and costing, KPI definition and tracking, project documentation.

Supply Chain Management

One of our first projects was the implementation and realisation of offshore projects. The activities included monitoring and supervising staff, invoicing project clients and auditing suppliers, as well as contract review and logistics coordination.

In subsequent projects, too, our experts always ensured that the objectives of the project definition were achieved, while at the same time expanding their expertise and perfecting the methodology.

Process optimisation

We use our technical know-how and analytical expertise to advise companies on optimising their manufacturing processes and product development, offering solutions tailored to the industry, project and company in question. Our teams are responsible for, among other things:

On-Site Management

With increased demand for a flexible workforce and the use of many different suppliers, processes become complicated and the disadvantages of such an organisation increase. Our on-site managers help improve performance and reduce costs by taking over individual functions or entire departments, standardising processes and methods, saving time and resources.

Interim Management

We react quickly to the needs of the respective project situation and achieve the set goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our competences include:

Configuration management

Within the entire product life cycle, the BPOut configuration managers ensure the compliance of the products with the requirements and regulations regarding design and functionality. The main activities include the organisation & planning of configuration management, its identification & monitoring.

Lean management

When it comes to streamlining and optimising processes, efficient value chains and creative concept design, our experts are the world champions. Their broad experience in this field allows them to redesign processes without any reduction in performance or additional burden. Customer and quality orientation, personal responsibility and flexibility are prerequisites.

Furthermore, they are responsible for:

Contract Management

Our experts have knowledge of various national and international standards and conventions, e.g. in the areas of contract drafting or construction and building standards.

With their negotiating skills and profound expertise, they shape the ideal conditions and ensure that they are adhered to.

Main competences include:

Claim Management

On the basis of comprehensive contract and risk analyses, BPOut Claim Managers develop claims management strategies, define the relevant processes and conduct proactive, preventive and defensive claims management vis-à-vis clients, subcontractors and subcontractors.

Your area of responsibility includes, among other things:


We are looking for reinforcement for our team

Our team consists of people who are not afraid to pursue big goals and thus grow beyond themselves. We offer new ways, a dynamic working environment and more than just an employment relationship.

The structures of our company allow us direct contact between employees and the management. This way, no topic that is burning on the heart remains undiscussed. But it is not only work-related exchange that is important to us; we also strengthen the cohesion of our team with regular team events.