Project Management

BPOut project manager are experienced across different industries. Additionally to their professional competencies their work is characterized by commitment and high performance. All projects entrusted to them will be completed successfully, since they know how to efficiently use the given infrastructure and potentials. As well as, they are able to cleverly optimize existing processes and to develop new ones according to the project’s requirements.

Core competencies and expertise include:

At the very beginning of a projects our experts’ thoroughness impresses customers and colleagues. For both preliminary and strategic planning are an important basis for a successful project close-out.
Activities during the phases of execution preparation and project monitorung include definition of actions and its monitoring, finance controlling, placing of orders and calculation, project documentation, definition and tracking of KPI’s.

One of our first projects was the implementation and realization of offshore projects. The activities included among others monitoring and supervisoring of employees, accounting to project customers and auditing of suppliers, contract reviews, logistics coordination.
On projects followed by this, our experts each time ensured the achievement of objectives, enhanced their expertise and perfected their methodology.


We use our technical know-how and analytical competence in order to consult companies on optimization of manufacturing processes and product development, adapted to the project, industry and enterprise in respective. Our teams are i.e. responsible for: