Since the third quarter a new IT – Consulting project for both A320neo as well as A330neo is part of the BPOut project portfolio, which is a great completion among the engineering and project management project for the A330, A350 and A380 aircraft manufacturing projects.

Scope of the project is the development and management of a controlling data base. In the beginning the BPOut consultants have developed a concept to define improvement measures in addition to the necessary functions, cost and time requirements. Moreover, as part of lean management consulting the cost planning process will be optimized and other processes harmonized and standardized. Additionally to the general project management tasks the BPOut experts are responsible for the coordination of the teams and to ensure a common approach for both programs, e.g. when it come to the development of the database, which is the next following step. The project team members will program the frontend, i.e. queries, reports and forms, as well as the database design for the backend. Hence, this project across two aircraft programs comes with a variety of topics, from development and programming up to the management, IT and lean consulting. The responsibility for all project phases, the conception in the beginning until the final delivery to customer, means for the company that the long-term clients and partners continue to appreciate and trust BPOut’s quality, competences and efficiency.