At the beginning of the year the BPOut announced the growth of the various teams, in Germany as well as internationally, as one of the most essential points of the strategy for 2014.

A short look back at the first quarter confirms that the company stays on target due to several new projects with existing clients in addition to the increase of A350 electrics team. This fact indicates the trust that the clients put into the know-how and the abilities of the BPOut experts, which means ongoing successful partnerships and a stable position in the respective industry. With these competences, BPOut would like to win over new customers as well. Therefore, the company is about to prepare its sales strategy in Dubai, where BPOut LLC will soon celebrate its first birthday. The team focuses on both ongoing construction projects as well as on those in planning, since the construction boom in the Emirates remains a key economic driver, especially in the scope of the Expo 2020. By being part of these projects, BPOut will expand its projects portfolio and wealth of knowledge, and thus lay a foundation for continuous stable growth in the next years. Meanwhile, the A350 teams and their colleagues in Germany and France pursue the target of a soon certification of the Wide Body. A year after its very first flight, Airbus assumes that the plane will be certified by EASA in late summer. After the previous test flights of the first four MSN’s have all went smoothly, the fifth one shall underpin the results so that the first airplane can be delivered on time to the major client Qatar. Huge potential emerges from the at the ILA presented E-Concept, that Airbus created in cooperation with Rolls Roys. The companies envision a completely electrically driven airplane with a capacity of 70 to 80 passengers and a maximum flight capacity of 3 hours. Electrical systems and their design has been one of the core BPOut engineering competences, hence this project would provide an opportunity to shape a greener and more sustainable future of aerospace through their knowledge and creativity. By using superconductors instead of copper conductors the aircraft manufacturer will significally reduce weight since the new conductors weigh 1000 times lighter. However, to fully function they require a cool temperature, which is why systems with liquid nitrogen will need to be installed: first huge engineering challenge on the way to another innovation. The whole BPOut team will continue to follow the news and developments of this E-Concept and is sure to belong to the first engineers who design its electrical systems. BPOut management, too, expects that all milestones will be achieved. After all, the BPOut mix of experience, commitment and determination is a proven recipe for success.